VavĀ Conversive: when a Vav is used before a Verb it reverses the tense of the verb; changing past tense to future tense and vice versa. When the Vav is added to the verb Hei Yod Hei (Was), it changes “It Was” into “It will be.” In Biblical usage, V’HaYaH is usually translated as “and it came to pass” and it conveys a similar meaning as words/phrases such as, ‘Amen’ or ‘So Mote it Be’, ‘Fiat’, or ‘Let it be so.’

V’HaYaH is an anagram for the Name of God (HaShem), with the Vav and the Yod changing places. Since it contains the same letters, it has the same Gematria value of 26.

Psalms 91:10 No evil will befall you and no harm will come near your house.

Loe-TooNeh, ELeKhah, RaAh, VeNeGah, Loe-YiQRaV, BeAhHahLeKhah.

Three Mother Letters: Alef (Air), Mem (Water), Shin (Fire).

Three Father Letters: Yod (Hand), Hei (Spirit), Vav (Connection).

18 (Gematria value of Chai/Life)